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African Blue Basil (Ocimum kilimandscharicum × basilicum 'Dark Opal')

4in pot size

African blue basil is a hybrid of two different basil plants that are a mix of camphor nd purple Opal basil. It is edible, the flavor might not be appealing to those who are familiar with traditional basil flavors.  Plants produces a abundance of flowers that are pink with a dark purple base.

Plant basil in a location with full sunlight. It needs at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily for optimal growth.

Provide well-draining, fertile soil. Basil prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil. Amending the soil with organic matter can enhance its fertility.

Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water basil when the top inch of soil feels dry. Mulching around the base helps retain moisture.

Basil thrives in warm temperatures. It is sensitive to frost, so plant it after the last frost in spring and protect it from cold conditions.

Plant basil with sufficient spacing to allow for good air circulation. Proper spacing helps prevent diseases and promotes healthy growth.

Basil benefits from regular feeding. Use a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer or organic compost during the growing season. Avoid excessive nitrogen.

Pinch off the tips regularly to encourage bushier growth and prevent the plant from becoming leggy. Harvest leaves regularly to promote continuous growth.

Pests and Diseases:
Keep an eye out for common pests such as aphids or spider mites. Neem oil or insecticidal soap can be used if needed. Basil is generally resistant to many diseases.

Harvest basil leaves regularly, especially the top leaves. This encourages the plant to produce more foliage. Harvest in the morning when the oils are most concentrated.

Container Growing:
Basil is well-suited for container gardening. Use well-draining potting mix and a container with drainage holes. Containers allow you to move the plant to optimal sunlight conditions.

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Vey well packaged. Beautiful, healthy plant.

Plants were carefully packaged and are in great condition.

Very healthy. Smells wonderful. Transplanted well.

Awesome job on the packaging!! My African Blue Basil arrived with the soil moist and the plant itself, looking healthy and beautiful! Extremely satisfied with my purchase :)

The plant was healthy and well packaged!! very happy🌿🌿❤️

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