A Permaculture style nursery focusing on common and unique varieties of herbs, tropicals and pollinators plants.

All Natural and grown with love.At Healing Herbs & Spices, we want to encourage gardeners to include more medicinal and culinary plants into their landscape. The main focus of our nursery is to provide culinary and medicinal herb seedlings; from low, creeping ground covers to large trees.

Healing Herbs & Spices is located in Tallahassee Florida. All plants are locally grown and all natural with no use of any chemicals. We grow our own starter seedlings. Propagating either from seed, cuttings, layering or division.

We Provide:
* Culinary herbs
* Medicinal herbs
* Edible plants and flowers
* Beneficial insect attracting plants
* Plants for enhancing soil fertility
* Plants for native wildlife
* Permaculture style plants

State of Florida Nursery REGISTRATION NO.: 48020347

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